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A wide range of medical and aesthetic options using the latest techniques and technology.

MVC / New Radiance is a leading Health and Wellness facility that provides state-of-the-art aesthetic, laser, metabolic medicine and surgical medical procedures for all conditions in a spa-like setting. It’s a refuge that provides the most effective treatment for Bio-identical hormone replacement, erectile dysfunction, thread lifts, overall health, PRP, Stem Cell Treatments, Weight Loss, ED Treatments, erasing wrinkles, CoolSculpting and a scientific approach to a more beautiful you!.

At MVC / New Radiance you are in exclusive company of a board certified physician, and trained clinicians and aestheticians dedicated to a single purpose…rejuvenating or enhancing you from the inside out. In a private, spa-like setting where the focus is on personal attention, you will discover the beauty that has always been the real you. Our procedure clinic staff will be there to answer any questions and follow up consultations are scheduled to ensure satisfactory outcomes.

Welcome the new you! Whether you desire small changes or large scale treatments let MVC /  New Radiance guide you. Our trained and caring professionals can help you explore your many options and make a plan for change.

Contact our office today for more information or to make an appointment. 954.361.3343

Regenespa Director Dr Stephen Channey

Stephen Channey M.D, F.A.C.S.

Stem Cell and Hormone Therapy authority with extensive background in Aesthetics, injectables, and laser treatments.

16 years Hospitalist at Memorial Regional Hospital and 10 years as Medical Director of Memorial Regional Hospitalist Group & 20 years experience providing hormone replacement therapy to men and women.

  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • IV Therapy
  • Botox & Fillers
  • Laser Treatments
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Testosterone For Men
  • Medical Wight Loss
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Stem Cell Therapy

St. George’s University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine