O Shot and P Shot Treatments

O Shot and P Shot Treatments


The Priapus Shot® is named for the Greek god of fertility. The procedure consists of 6 penile injections that enhance blood flow and improve erection quality by up to 98%!

The P-Shot® utilizes platelet-rich plasma. The concentrated platelets release growth factors called cytokines and chemokines which stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and induce collagen. The improved density and circulation in the tissue results in better penile function, firmness and enhanced size and sensitivity.


  • Improved erection (5 point increase based upon a 25 point medical scale)
  • 60% of patients report an increase in penis length (up to a ½ inch) and girth
  • The feeling of a more youthful and restored functionality in sexual performance
  • Dramatically improved blood flow causes the effects from medicines such as Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to be far more effective
  • Results are fully realized in 1-3 weeks and can typically last over a year, some patients may require more than one treatment
  • The procedure is non-surgical and cost effective compared to other treatments for ED and has no downtime
  • PRP is non-pharmaceutical and can be used for ED due to diabetes, vascular disease and depression, just to name a few, without risk of drug interaction


Penile injection? DON’T PANIC! After topical numbing is applied, the procedure is virtually painless. A very small gauge needle is utilized to inject the PRP into 3 areas of the penis. There is no risk of necrosis or other harmful side effects, because the body recognizes the injected PRP as its own. Platelet Rich Plasma releases the growth factors that then attract stem cells to the area and signal proliferation of cells.

Because the body cannot identify a specific injury in the area, a penis pump is then used immediately after the procedure and for 20 minutes a day for at least two weeks after.

The pump is used to expand the vessels and tissue, creating tiny micro-tears in the Ultimately, the P-Shot® provides real results, improving the health of the penis to create a visibly longer, firmer, and fuller organ. The treatment is a non-surgical procedure with results that reach their full effect within as little as three months, the P-Shot® is the ideal option for all men who want to improve their sensitivity and pleasure for a more satisfying life that includes sexual intimacy.


Men’s sexual dissatisfaction and dysfunction has been openly discussed and treated for many years now, but, WHAT ABOUT WOMEN? According to research, sexual dysfunction can arise from a number of different sources, including heart disease, neurological conditions, depression, and a history of sexual abuse. Over 40% of women suffer from female sexual dysfunction, and yet only 10% of women choose to seek treatment for their problem.

we have a truly revolutionary, natural treatment for female sexual dysfunction; THE O-Shot®. The O-Shot® has gained national recognition through broadcast and print media recently for its efficacy in treatment of sexual dysfunction and incontinence. Sadly the problem is far more common than women want to admit. Many simply do not enjoy sexual intimacy, while others have never had an orgasm in their lives.


  • More sexual desire due to intensified sensitivity
  • Improved sexual arousal
  • Stronger emotional connection to sexual partners
  • More frequent, more enjoyable orgasms
  • Greatly increased vaginal lubrication
  • Alleviation of pain (if applicable) during intercourse
  • Long-lasting effects with virtually no risk and improved sexual health and function


The O-Shot® is a procedure that uses PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to rejuvenate the tissue in the vagina and clitoris. It’s a wholly natural medical option that is Autologus (your own) to increase sensitivity, activate and stimulate sexual response and enjoyment.

The O-Shot® is a painless procedure that takes about an hour, and has a number of added benefits. For instance, the O-Shot® can help women who suffer from a condition called coital incontinence, which affects up to 25% of women. It’s common to experience urinary leakage during sexual activity, but the embarrassment that accompanies this condition may deter many women from sex. With the help of the O-Shot®, women everywhere are finding they not only enjoy sexual intimacy more, but also experience emotional and psychological benefits of improved sexual relationships with their partners.

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