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Whether you seek to improve the appearance of a single problem area, or feel that your entire face could benefit from a fresh, revitalized look, Medical Vitality offers a broad variety of injectable skin treatments to choose from

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

A doctor-approved Perscription based, exercise, behavior change, and reduced-calorie diet program to help you lose weight.

hormone therapy


Working at the cellular level to improve skin elasticity, mositure, & dermal thinkening. BHRT thickens hair, restores energy, enhances immune function, and sexual prowess.



Sclerotherapy effectively treats spider veins. It’s often considered the treatment of choice for small varicose veins.

Anti Aging & Hormone Therapy


Dr Stephen Channey

The aging process depletes the body’s natural hormones; by balancing and optimizing these hormone levels…patients report an increase in lean muscle mass, decrease in body fat, greater energy and overall zest for life, sharper thinking and memory, greater sexual desire and performance.

Stephen Channey M.D.

Popular Procedures

  • Lip Plumping
  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Chin Fat Removal
  • Facial Fillers
  • Undereye Lift
  • Hand Rejuvination
  • Hormone Therapy for Women & Men
  • Male Testosterone
  • PRP Facial Treatments
  • HCG Weight loss & Diet Pills
  • Sclerotherapy for Spider Veins
  • P Shot and O Shots
  • Stem Cell Treatments

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Before & After Gallery

Plump your lips or enhance your cheekbones..  Fill under eye hollows for a more rested look.  Remove under-chin fat  or smooth facial lines and wrinkles.

Whether you need treatment for facial wrinkles, unsightly lines, creases or folds, undesirable skin marks, or any other issue, consider looking into Botox, Dysport, Radiesse, Juvéderm, or Bellafill as long-lasting, cost-effective solutions for your personal beauty.

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Testosterone Therapy

If you are a man over 35, most likely you have heard about low testosterone, or “Low-T” and have wondered about the benefits of testosterone therapy.  Do you have the strength and energy you used to have?

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Facial Aesthetics

Injectable dermal fillers have become more popular because of the instant effect they have to address skin sagging and wrinkle problems that result from aging, sun damage, skin trauma, scarring or disease. Injectable dermal fillers are most commonly used to treat facial lines and wrinkles, hollow cheeks and eyes, receding chins, thinning lips and wrinkles between the eyes – they may even be used to hide nose bumps or fill in and plump thinning skin on the hands.

  • Laugh Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Hollow Cheeks
  • Hollow Eyes
  • Thinning Hands
  • Thinning Lips
  • Smoker’s Lines
  • Enhance Cheekbones
  • Arch Eyebrows
  • Oxana
  • Susan Brown
  • Rachel
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